Volunteer Recruitment

Volunteer Firefighters

Firefighters Needed!

Your local firefighters are members of your community, they are your friends, family, and neighbors. No matter when you call, they are ready to answer that call to assist in your community.

Past members are retiring or moving on and there is a serious decline in fire personnel to be there for you when needed.

So your community needs your help.

Who can apply to be a firefighter? You!!

If you want to learn new skills and try something different then we welcome you to apply to join our family of dedicated local community members.

What you can expect from us.

We offer in house and region wide training a long with the East Central Training Group. This group coordinates with 5 Counties, and 2 Municipal Districts to allow our volunteers the opportunity to participate in training that fits in to their life plans.

Volunteers have the opportunity to achieve their Professional Firefighting 1001 accreditation as well as specialty training like livestock extrication and ice water rescue.

The entry level volunteer Fire Fighter-Probationer, working under the supervision of Officers, is required to:

Candidates must have a strong desire to serve the community, a strong work ethic, and a strong sense of loyalty and duty.

BESC Volunteer Firefighters

"Serving with P.R.I.D.E."

Professional in our approach:

Ready to respond:

Innovative and adaptive:

Dedicated to the community:

Empowered to make a difference:

For more information and applications: (These are the station phone numbers - they are only answered when personnel are in the station. Call the BESC Office if the station does not answer. 780-336-3041)

Station #1 Tofield: Fire Chief Dave Oleksyn - 780 662-3958

Station # 2 Ryley: Fire Chief Terry Magneson - 780 663-3606

Station # 3 Holden: Fire Chief Blair Ewasiuk - 780 688-3877

Station # 4 Bruce: Fire Chief Rob Roulston - 780 688-3738

Station # 5 Viking: Fire Chief Kevin Fornal - 780 336-3387

Station # 6 Kinsella: Fire Chief Kelly Overbo - 780 336-5518